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Adult Education Course

Once you’ve achieved ARCB® national certification, you are required to earn 12 hours of continuing education (CE) every 2 years. 

The 12 CE hours may be a single or combination of activities/courses, or service to the profession of reflexology. CE hours may include classes taught in other countries, online, hybrid, or in-person.

There are three (3) options to gain ARCB CE credits (details below): 

1)  complete an ARCB Approved CE Course,

 2)  complete an ARCB Supported CE Course, and

3) through service to the reflexology profession.

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Ways to Earn Continuing Education Credits


ARCB Approved 


ARCB® Approved CE activities and courses support more advanced and in-depth training in Reflexology. You can find a listing of ARCB Approved CE Providers under the RESOURCES button - or click HERE.

You can also find ARCB Approved course  posted on the ARCB Facebook page.


ARCB Supported


ARCB accepts CE courses approved by other national certifying organizations such as Continuing  Medical Education (ACCME), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA), and other practices in medicine and Complementary & Alternative Health. 


Service to Reflexology 

ARCB recognizes the contribution that our members make to the continuation and growth of our Profession.  For example: Board of Directors or Committee Member of Reflexology organizations; author of science-based research or practice-related materials; ARCB Fellowship.  Service with international, national, regional, and state reflexology organizations earns you 12 CEs for each year of service.  

 Once you have completed all 12  CEs 

please submit digital  proof of the CEs to

over 70 years of age

Certificants who are at least 70 years of age are exempt from further CE requirements if they  have completed at least 24 hours of CE since their Certification .  

It is the responsibility of the Certificant to notify ARCB along with a copy of a government-issued identification that they have met this exemption requirement. 

Failed to meet your
CE requirements?

Certificants who do not achieve the required CE hours should notify the ARCB® office about how to correct this problem.  If you fail to correct the issue, you will be placed in lapsed status.

Lapse status requires that you return your ARCB® certification documentation and pin as well as remove all ARCB® logos and information from your website and marketing materials.

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CE Providers Requirements

Instructional providers may apply to have their classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, programs, or other activities listed as an ARCB® Approved Continuing Education (CE) hours. The courses/activities must be directly applicable to the practice of reflexology or clearly enhance the Certificant’s knowledge-base and thus positively impact their reflexology practice.


The applying entity must complete the CE Activity Provider Application Form together with required information about the courses/activities for which CE hours are requested.  You may apply for approval of a single activity or multiple activities on the Application Form.


Providers who have received ARCB® approval for specific CE activities may add courses/activities at any time by submitting a new CE Activity Provider Application Form at least 6 weeks prior to the event for ARCB® approval.


Approval of an application only applies to the specific courses/activities for which you have received ARCB® approval.  Approval of one course/activity does not mean that ARCB® approves you as a provider for all your offered activities or endorses you as a provider.  It is the responsibility of each approved provider to ensure that your marketing information makes a distinction between your ARCB Approved and Non-approved courses/activities. 

CE Provider Application Details

An Application to Provide ARCB® CE Hours, must provide information concerning the course/activities objectives, topic, percentage of total activity time devoted to each topic, teaching methods, and the teacher(s), their education, title/position, and professional qualifications to teach the activity(ies).


For each activity the applicant must provide sample of the CE Certificate of Attendance or Completion Verification, the tool provided for attendees to evaluate the activity upon completion, course/activity schedule listing times, teacher(s), and an agenda. The agenda must include an hour-by-hour breakdown of topics covered by the activity.


Apply using the on-line Application Form and pay the fee. 


Allow 6 weeks from the date of submission of your application form, fee and all supporting documentation for review and response as to whether approval has been granted.

CE Hours Determination

The CE hours requested in a CE Provider Application may only include actual hours of instruction, introductory time, and short breaks.  Lunch breaks may not be included in the calculation of CE hours. 


Approved CE Provider Applications are valid for a period of 2 years from date of initial approval. Providers may request renewal for the same CE offerings upon expiration of the initial 2 year period by providing updated information regarding changes in the offerings or by applying to renew without changes.

Continuing Education Provider Fees

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