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FOOT Exam Information and Forms

NOTE - you have 12 months from completion of all portions of your Application (fee payments & forms) to schedule an exam date/location.

If you do not test within 2 years, a refund will be forfeited.

PREREQUISITES for the Foot Exam

1. Be 18 years or older;

2. Complete a foot reflexology course of a minimum 110 hours of in-person, or in-person & on-line instruction (hybrid course);

3. Complete 20 hours of practical instruction.

4. Have a high school diploma or equivalent;

5. Pass an background check;

The Foot Exam process involves several steps:

Included in the application is the option to choose an exam date and location. Testing is conducted throughout the year in various cities across the country. In the event of cancellation of an exam date by the ARCB, a 30-day notice will be given to the candidates.


A candidate that does not meet ARCB testing requirements will receive notification explaining in what way the applicant does not meet requirements. Additional information may be requested.

The exam fee is $390.00 and includes a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee and $65 background check requirement. Registration includes a STUDY GUIDE which defines the American Standard reflexology charts and aids in preparation for the exam.

Registration and fees must be paid in full 60 days prior to the exam date.

ARCB encourages three (3) months of study before the chosen exam date.

Should a testing date be cancelled or the Applicant cannot make the date originally chosen, they will be given the option of having the balance of the fee reimbursed less $115.00 or to move the balance toward a future exam date - the new test date must be within 24 months.


ARCB Foot Authorization Release Form
Download PDF • 159KB

4) Ask your school to submit the SCHOOL VERIFICATION FORM to ARCB.

As a guideline, the required 110 hours of Reflexology instruction* should include:

• Reflexology theory, history, zones, meridians & relaxation response.

• A study of body systems as related to Reflexology; the study of the leg and

foot as a structure; hands-on palpation of landmarks with sensory identification of palpated areas, a map of reflexes as they are anatomically reflected on the feet; and how the reflexes

are affected by stimulation to the feet through hands-on experience.

• Anatomy & Physiology

• Discussion of business practice involving ethics, business standards and local/state laws

and ordinances pertaining to the practice of Reflexology.

• Hours of supervised practicum or clinical work.

• Any number of additional homework hours that can include giving and documenting

client sessions as well as other written work.

ARCB Foot School Verification Form
Download PDF • 169KB

5) Take the written and practical exams.

  • Written Exam is broken down into two sections: “Anatomy & Physiology” and “Reflexology” each with 150 questions. The complete 300 written tests questions are either multiple choice or true and false and are designed to test the basic knowledge and understanding of reflexology and anatomy.

  • Practical Exam is designed to assess "hands-on" and client/practitioner communication skills relevant to reflexology. The practical exam consists of a 30-minute hands-on examination in which the Applicant works on the feet of and communicates with the Proctor. Techniques are graded on knowledge and performance of the American standard thumb and finger walking, flow, and pressure.

To earn national certification you must pass the both portions of the written test with a score of 75% or higher. Both the Documentation and Practical tests are graded on a pass/fail basis.

TESTING ACCOMNODATIONS. If you require testing accommodations please contact us at


Applicant will notify ARCB prior to examination date with reasons for cancellation.

Reasons may include medical emergencies, death in the family or any unforeseen events. All are considered on a case-by-case basis. The applicant must reschedule within one year or forfeit the refund.


Applicants who fail to appear without any prior notification on the exam day will forfeit their entire examination fee.

6) Submit your CLIENT/DOCUMENTATION NOTES - You may submit the client notes portion of your exam either before or up to 6 months after taking the written exam.

While it is preferred the applicants complete the 30 documented sessions before the exam, they are given six (6) months from the date of the written exam to comply with this portion.

ARCB requires the submission of 30 client/documentation notes for grading. These 30 session can be of multiple clients or clients that are seen a minimum of 3 times each with individual sessions documented. Each session should be 45-60 minutes in length. Applicants may use SOAP notes drafted while in school. The notes must be on ARCB forms.

Below are fillable PDFs for your use in preparing your 30 session SOAP notes. The Client Intake Forms need to be filled out for each client prior to starting your first session with the client. SOAP notes page 1 and 2 need to be completed for each session. When you are ready to email them to for review, we recommend you scan one (1) packet for each client starting with their intake and subsequent SOAP notes in order of oldest to newest so we can easily see progress and quickly review your notes.

Client/Documentation notes demonstrates the Applicant's ability to detect areas of sensitivity, record observations, monitor work on the clients, and report any reactions during, after and between sessions, as well as report progress. These professional assessments are consistent with client notation methods used in other health and wellness professions. No certification will be issued without submitting and passing the Client/Documentation portion of the exam.

Client Intake Forms
Download PDF • 508KB

SOAP notes page 1
Download PDF • 228KB

SOAP notes page 2
Download PDF • 195KB


The exam is divided into 3 parts : Anatomy & Physiology; Foot Reflexology; and Practical. There is a $100 to retest of any portion of the exam if the Applicant does not pass.

After 24 months the fee is no longer refundable.


Applicants (initial and retake) are allowed 1 excused absence/rescheduling of an exam date. If the applicant cancels or misses a 2nd scheduled exam date within 30 days of the exam, everyone (initial and retake) pays a $250 (rescheduling fee) before they are allowed to schedule a (3rd) new exam date. If the applicants cancel a 2nd scheduled exam date before 30+ days of the exam, everyone (initial and retake) pays a $100 (rescheduling fee) before they are allowed to schedule a (3rd) new exam date.


NATIONAL REGISTRATION & REFERRAL - Upon certification, you will be able to add your name/company to the ARCB Directory (

As an ARCB certified reflexologist you agree to practice according to the Code of Ethics and Professional Business Standards set by ARCB. Infractions are subject to disciplinary procedures overseen by the ARCB Appeals/Grievance Committee.

ANNUAL FEE & CONTINUING EDUCATION - Payment of an Annual Fee and 12 units of Continuing Education every 24 months are required to maintain your certification. If you wish to place be placed on INACTIVE status please see the guidelines on the tab.

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