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Updated: Nov 11

Can I still receive Continuing Education (CE) credit if I forgot to apply for approval before the start of my Independent Study or Non-ARCB® Approved course/activity?

Failure to submit the Application form for approval DOES NOT automatically result in denial. After the Study or Course has started, you may submit the Application for Independent Study or Application for Non-ARCB® Approved Course/activity form together your $25 fee. When the course is done make sure you also submit the Independent Study Completion Form or the Non-ARCB® Approved Cource/activity Completion Form.

NOTE: Without pre-approval you run the risk that the completed study or activity will not be approved and you won’t receive CE credit.

How can a reflexology school or instructor help to prepare students for the ARCB® exam?

How can a reflexology school or instructor help to prepare students for the ARCB® exam?

ARCB® strongly recommends a minimum of 3 months preparation time between applying and taking the exam. Some applicants may need more study time. Schools and instructors may best help their students to prepare to take the exam but not orient their test as a measure for the ARCB® exam. No school or instructor may claim that passing their certification course will enable their students to pass the ARCB® exam.

Becoming nationally certified by ARCB® is designed to encourage applicants to go above and beyond the initial reflexology certification training they have already taken and to advance both the individual practitioner and the reflexology profession as a whole. Applicants should use the Study Guide and there are also some suggested resources in the guide. Take time to study and prepare for the exam.

How do I know if I am doing my documentation/SOAP notes correctly?

You can send a sample of your documentation (SOAP) notes to for review. We will make comments and corrections and return them to you for use in writing your required documentation notes.

Can I get feedback on my documentations prior to submitting them all to ARCB®?

Yes, you may send one sample of your documentations to the ARCB® office prior to formal submission requesting feedback on proper format and structure.

How do I change or cancel my exam date?

Send an email to immediately. You have the option to (1) reschedule to take the exam within two years, OR (2) get a refund of your application fee minus $115 for the processing fee and background check fee.

Can I retake an ARCB exam that I failed?

Yes, you can retake any part of the ARCB exam you failed for an additional fee of $75. You will need to schedule to take the exam at one of the listed exam locations and pay the $75 fee. Please contact for assistance.

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