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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Applicant FAQs

After I apply and am accepted, when may I take the exam?

You must sit for the exam within one year of application acceptance. ARCB does not recommend that you schedule to take the exam until you have studied for at least 3 months after receiving your Study Guide. Please note there is no guarantee that test cities will be the same each year and that travel expenses to take the exam are your responsibility.

How can a reflexology school or instructor help to prepare students for the ARCB exam?

ARCB strongly recommends a minimum of 3 months preparation time between applying and taking the exam. Some applicants may need more study time. Schools and instructors may best help their students to prepare to take the exam but not orient their test as a measure for the ARCB exam. No school or instructor may claim that passing their certification course will enable their students to pass the ARCB exam.

Becoming nationally certified by ARCB is designed to encourage applicants to go above and beyond the initial reflexology certification training they have already taken and to advance both the individual practitioner and the reflexology profession as a whole. Applicants should use the Study Guide and there are also some suggested resources in the guide. Take time to study and prepare for the exam.

How do I change or cancel my exam date?

Send an email to immediately. Applicants (initial and retake) are allowed 1 excused absence/rescheduling of an exam date. If the applicant cancels or miss a 2nd scheduled exam date within 30 days of the exam, the applicant pays a rescheduling fee of $250 before they are allowed to schedule a (3rd) new exam date. If they cancel a 2nd scheduled exam date before 30+ days of the exam, the applicant pays a rescheduling fee of $100 before they are allowed to schedule a (3rd) new exam

How do withdraw my ARCB Application?

Please contact with your request. A refund of your exam fee with be issued minus $115 for the background check fee and application processing.

Can I retake an ARCB exam that I failed?

Yes, you can retake any part of the ARCB exam you failed for an additional fee of $100. Please contact to sign up for your exam retake.

How do I know if I am doing my documentation/SOAP notes correctly?

You can send a sample of your documentation (SOAP) notes to for review. We will make comments and corrections and return them to you for use in writing your required documentation notes.

Can I get feedback on my documentations prior to submitting them all to ARCB?

Yes, you may send one sample of your documentations to prior to formal submission requesting feedback on proper format and structure.

How are test dates and locations determined?

ARCB looks for locations that are convenient to at least 8 applicants. Test dates are set to coincide with weather conditions in different areas of the country and are often scheduled adjacent to reflexology conference dates.

What if I make my travel arrangements and the exam is cancelled?

ARCB is not responsible for travel costs. If ARCB cancels an exam due to lack of candidates you will typically be notified at least 30 days prior to the exam date. We encourage you not to make reservations until the date has been confirmed or to choose refundable or transferrable fares.

Continuing Education FAQs

Can I perform the same activity or attend the same course again and use it for credit?

No. Unless you are able to indicate how repeating the course further enhances your skills by describing in detail what was newly learned.

I want to take a course that is not ARCB approved. Can I get CEs?

Based on the new ARCB CE Policy effective August 1, 2023, Certificants no longer need to get approval or pay fees for non-ARCB Approved CE courses provided the CE course is approved by another national certifying organization, such as, but not limited to: NCRE, NCBTMB, ACCME, ANCC, or NCAA. We will automatically accept these CEs. Once you've completed your CEs, simply e-mail the certificate of completion in a PDF or JPEG and I'll update your records.

What about this course?

We now accept CEs from other certifying agencies, such as NCRE, AOTA, NCBTMB, ABMP, CMA, NCCAOM, NAADAC, CAMFT. Email verification of completion of the course and the certifying entities' provider number, and we will review it for acceptance.

I’m taking a business or reflexology course that is not certified by ARCB or another certifying agency or accredited College/University. Will it be accepted for CEs?

Please email the course link for review.

I have been volunteering on my local State Reflexology Board or with another organization, what do I need to submit as proof for my CEs?

We need the name of the organization and any documentation you may have for your volunteer work. This could be a certificate of appreciation, a website mention, an email, business card, news article, social media post. Whatever ties your name to the organization.

Does CPR Training count for CEs?

Yes, send in your proof of completion/certificate to

I host or was featured in a Reflexology Podcast or I wrote an article on Reflexology for a publication. How do I submit this for CEs?

Please email us the link to the Podcast or publication ( If there is no link, please email the recording or document. We award 4 CEs per activity.

I teach reflexology at a school that is not certified by NCRE. Can I still earn CE credit towards my personal ARCB Certification? Please email us at with a link to the website of the Reflexology School that you teach at and the courses you provide at that school.

I have a question about CE requirements that isn’t covered here. How do I get it answered?

Simply submit your question to

I took a course that awarded more than the required 12 CEs. Will they carry over to the next CE cycle?

As of October 2023, ARCB permits the banking of CE credit hours for two Continuing Education Cycles. For example, if you completed 36 CEs for the 2023-2024 CE Cycle 12 CEs will be awarded for the 2023-2024 cycle and 12 CEs will be awarded for the 2025-2026 cycle. The Certificant will need to submit 12 CEs for the 2027-2028 cycle.

I just turned 70, do I still need to submit CEs?

No, certificants 70 years and up do not need to submit CEs.

I attended a conference. Were my CEs automatically reported to ARCB?

No, CEs are not automatically reported to ARCB. Please email your Certificate of Attendance or Certificant of Completion to

I'm interested in an Independent Study option.

The majority of what used to be Independent Study is now covered under ARCB Supported Activities/Courses or under Service to Reflexology. Please contact

Certificant FAQs

ARCB exam provide me a license to practice reflexology anywhere in the USA?

ARCB national certification does not provide you the right to practice legally in the USA. Laws and requirements vary from state to state and from city to city within a state. For information about practicing in a particular state, contact the local city and/or county clerk’s business licensing office for the city in which you desire to practice. The holder of an ARCB certification is responsible to ensure that their practice of reflexology is in conformance with the laws and rules of the holder's state. ARCB does not advise certificate holders or applicants concerning conformance to the laws and rules of the certification holder's state or licensing agency.

How do I go from inactive status to active status?

Certificants wishing to reactivate their ARCB certifications must submit proof they have engaged in 12 units of continuing education within six months of reapplying for full active certification and pay the yearly ARCB certification renewal fee.

This means that when we do our 2024 Dues Campaign, you can become a fully active Certificant by paying the full dues and submit those 12 CEs within 6 months. To submit CEs, simply email your Certificates of Completion to us (

Why should I bother paying for the ARCB Retired Status?

Many reflexologists who have retired from seeing clients choose to remain in ARCB Retired Status because it allows them to continue to participate as an integral part of the larger reflexology community. The opinions and professional values of our retired members are needed and vital to the profession. Every year, ARCB receives calls and emails from retired practitioners expressing their ideas, concerns, and constructive criticisms. Legislatively, it is important to be able to show that reflexology has the numbers to be heard - the retired status maintains our professional numbers necessary to maintain our legal footing at the state level. Retired Status certificants are emailed quarterly newsletters, invited to all of the ARCB on-line presentations, and are eligible to sit on ARCB committees and the Board of Directors.

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