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This payment is just the START of your journey to ARCB® Foot Certification.



1. Be 18 years or older;

2. Pass an ARCB background check;

3. Present a high school diploma or equivalent;

4. Complete a foot reflexology course of a minimum 110 hours of in-person, or in-person & on-line instruction (hybrid course);

5. Complete 20 hours of practical instruction.


To help us verify the above prerequisites, along with this payment APPLICANT MUST ALSO:


1.Completed Foot Application on this site (resources tab) and submit it together with your Exam Fee to the ARCB®. 

2. Submit Authorization to release to ARCB® your educational records to your school(s).

3.Ask your school(s) to submit the School Verification Form to ARCB®.


You can download/print the Authorization Release and the Foot School Verification Form from the RESOURCES TAB.  Records Release and School Verification Form cannot be submitted online through our website as they must be emailed/sent by applicant to their school(s).


During this process, a background check is required and must be passed before a STUDY GUIDE is mailed to each applicant and then a exam date can be chosen (payment for this is included in the application fee).




4.Pick a date for your exam. See details on resources tab concerning cancellation, accommodations, and retesting.


5.Submit your DOCUMENTATION notes. After you have received your study guide with instructions, you may submit the client notes portion of the exam either before or up to 6 months after taking the exam.  


* All of this information is detailed in the Foot Exam Information and Forms post on the RESOURCES TAB of this website. Please review the post throughly and download all PDFs. 

Foot Exam Fee

  • Study guides are sent after each applicant has completed all forms, submissions and BACKGROUND CHECK.

    Please review and check that ALL your submissions have been sent in.

    *Additional copies of the study guide will need to be purchased.

  • Applications that do not meet all requirements will be subject to a $50 processing fee and a $65 non-refundable background check fee with the remainder of the application fee ($275) being returned to the applicant.

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