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ARCB Code of Ethics

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The art and science of reflexology is an honorable one. Consequently a Reflexologist shall uphold personal values of excellence, integrity and respect for others at all times.

Thus a Reflexologist communicates with an open and peaceful mind, while recognizing that the relationship between client and practitioner is a serious responsibility.

Therefore the professional Reflexologist working in the field shall:

1. act in a professional and ethical manner at all times when interacting with other

Reflexologists and healthcare professionals.

2. adhere to the 'ARCB® Professional Business Standards'.

3. promote the study, application and understanding of reflexology and promote the work of reflexology.

The professional Reflexologist when seeing clients shall:

4. not infringe on any other professions’ scope of practice.

5. provide only the services for which professional qualifications have been met; accurately

representing competence, education, training and experience.

6. not present oneself as a medical practitioner nor claim expertise or skill in any area of

knowledge or professional practice in which one has not been trained.

7. refer clients to appropriate medical or other healthcare professionals when appropriate.

8. use accepted medical/health terminology.

9. never prescribe, diagnose, prognosticate, treat for a specific illness or adjust medications.

10. endeavor to resolve any dispute that arises from professional interactions.

11. ensure that anyone employed or working in the office shall also adhere to this Code of Ethics.

Furthermore the professional Reflexologist shall:

12. approach every client with the same kind, ethical attitude.

13. strive to be objective, unbiased and truthful in order to maintain the utmost trust in the

client-practitioner relationship.

14. work within the client’s comfort zone and pain tolerance.

ARCB code Ethics
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