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The American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB®) was created in 1991 to promote the field of Reflexology through the recognition of competent professional practitioners.


Reflexologists who are involved in the national certification process promote a higher standard of education, ensure public safety, and demonstrate their commitment to the profession through self-improvement.   In short, obtaining your national certification in Reflexology is a mark of distinction and confidence in the quality of services provided.


ARCB conducts testing throughout the year in various cities across the country.  Upon registering to take the exam you will receive a study guide which defines the American Standard reflexology charts and aids in preparation for the exam.


Once you've achieved ARCB® certification it is maintained through payment of an annual renewal fee and completion of 12 continuing education credits every 2 years. 

Upcoming Exam Dates and Locations

ARCB advises that test candidates check the website for the most current test locations and dates.

Registration closes 30 days prior to testing.

Click here for a full listing of 2024 testing dates

Sandy Beach

Certification Process


Prior to Applying for ARCB Certification you must complete:


1.  A foot reflexology course of a minimum 110 hours of in-person, or in-person & on-line instruction (hybrid course),


2.  Practical Instruction (hands on feet) must account for at least twenty (20) hours of the total 110 hours of instruction, and 

3.  Obtain a High School diploma or equivalent.

To become ARCB Certified in Hand Reflexology, you must first become ARCB Certified in Foot Reflexology. 

The National Council for Reflexology Educators  (NCRE) certifies Reflexology Schools across the nation.  



The Application process requires you to:   

1. Submit the Application form,

2. Pay $390 Application Fee,        

3. Sign and submit the Authorization to Release Educational Records form to your school,

4.  Ask your school to send the School Verification Form to, and


5. Pass a background check.

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below for more details.



You must pass all parts of the examination process to be certified. 

These include the:

1.  Anatomy and Physiology written exam,

2. Reflexology written exam,

3. Practical exam, and 

4. Documentation of Client Notes.

If you require testing  accommodations, please notify


 *** NOTICE ***

You have 12 months from completion of all portions of your Application (fees & forms) to schedule an exam date/location.

If you do not test within 2 years, a refund will be forfeited.

How do I know if I am doing my Documentations (SOAP) notes correctly?

You can send a sample of your documentation (SOAP) notes to for review.  We will make comments and corrections and return them to you for use in writing your required documentation notes.

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