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Client session (SOAP) notes forms and instructional videos

Updated: May 2

A requirement for the ARCB Certification process is to submit documentation of 30 Client/SOAP Notes prior to or within six (6) months of passing the written exam.

Current 2024 SOAP Notes requirement:

The preferred requirement is 30 sessions: 10 people 3 times each. Due to Covid, for the remainder of this year we are allowing any 30 sessions. SOAP Notes are due 6 months from the date you pass your written and practical exams. You may begin your SOAP Notes documentation immediately. You are welcome to send us a sample SOAP Note for review and comment prior to completing all 30. Applicants may use SOAP notes drafted while in school. The notes must be on ARCB forms.

All SOAP Notes submitted must be on ARCB forms - the use of any other forms will result in a failing grade. Each client must complete a Contract for Services, Authorization for Release of Information, and Client History form found in the ARCB Study Guide and below. For each session with a client, you must complete a separate SOAP Note. Please submit all SOAP Notes, in order by client and session date, as a PDF to

Client Intake Forms
Download PDF • 508KB
SOAP notes page 1
Download PDF • 228KB
SOAP notes page 2
Download PDF • 195KB

Video library below contains:

  • Why SOAP notes? Lara Westdorp -ARCB President gives an explanation of the need for SOAP notes to complete your certification

(video 1)

  • A demonstration on filling out a SOAP note for submission to ARCB.

(video 2)

Video 1

Video 2

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